Baby Martian #2 // Week 34

I figured that I should probably document SOME part of my second pregnancy. With Madeleine, I wasn’t excited about my pregnancy until our anatomy scan around week 20, so that’s when I decided to start documenting. This pregnancy has had its own unique challenges (like our living situation, pains in the butt – literally!, having a toddler) and while I have been very very very excited to meet our new baby girl, I haven’t been as vocal about it as I thought I would.

But here we are, 6 weeks away from Baby Girl’s due date and I’m {finally} getting my life together. Be prepared for ALL THE PICTURES right now.

This beautiful dress was gifted to me by Pink Blush Maternity.
They have a great selection of Plus Size Maternity clothing, from super casual to formal. I chose this super soft, very flattering (and post-bump friendly!) shift dress from their dress collection.

IMG 8750

Look at that kid. I made her. She’s my daughter. I cannot believe it. The last time we stood in this parking lot taking pictures of my growing belly, she was curled up inside of it and I couldn’t have DREAMED she would be as amazing as she is.

IMG 8756

Again, that face. Can you even?

IMG 8768

Showing off her new Cat & Jack sandals. She is really proud of them.

IMG 8797

Okay so the details @ 34 weeks, since I haven’t shared ANYTHING since Week 17.

    •  I’ve gained -5 pounds. With Madeleine, I went through the same thing. I lost 10 pounds in the first trimester and then ended up right around where I started by the time I gave birth. I choose not to pay too much attention to my weight each appointment because there’s nothing I can do about it at the moment.
    • During week 25, I had EXCRUCIATING hemorrhoids. Like cry myself to sleep, finally reach out to the advice nurse status. I had never experienced anything like that in my ENTIRE LIFE. I ordered Earth Mama Organic Herbal Sitz Bath and Organic Perineal Balm to help me get through it {STEPHANIE.MARTIAN20 saves you 20% on almost everything at the Earth Mama site}.
    • We recently got a crib all set up for Baby Martian! We changed out Madeleine’s crib when we moved, swapping out the gold ones we’d had in our old apartment for a white convertible Sundvik crib from IKEA. I wasn’t ready to transition Madeleine to a toddler bed, wanted matching cribs, and didn’t want to have to buy a new crib and then a toddler bed. We love it so far! The crib has since been out of stock for… FOREVER? But we were able to find one in really great condition on Facebook Marketplace. We bought a Newton Mattress (something I wished we’d had with Madeleine) and minus one screw that I lost SOMEWHERE in the room while putting it together, that’s all ready to go.
    • During my first pregnancy, I had an anterior placenta. That just means my placenta attached facing the outside of my body as opposed to inside. It absorbed a lot of movement for most of my pregnancy and while I still felt Madeleine moving a lot, I feel this baby a whole lot more with a posterior placenta. There was a moment last week when I was pretty sure she flipped all the way around because it was SO INTENSE and uncomfortable.
    • Due to COVID and having a LOT of stuff we need from Madeleine, we’re not having any showers/sprinkles, but we did put together a little Amazon registry of things we’re needing with a second baby and bigger living space. We’re very grateful for everyone supporting us and celebrating this baby in the midst of a really weird time.
    • I’m so emotional about the days of just us and Madeleine coming to a close. I know my heart will somehow expand, but I just cannot imagine loving anyone like I love her.

IMG 8790

Madeleine is REALLY EXCITED about her baby sister. She’s learned her name and always talks about sharing her high chair, a bedroom, tickling her, giving her smooches… so I know watching Madeleine become a big sister will make me love her more, like watching Justen become a dad gave me a whole new love for him. But it’s just so hard to imagine.

IMG 8793

IMG 8807 1

The ultimate pregnant person pose with the hand on stomach and supporting the back.

This is the part of the post where I would normally link to all of the previous links of my pregnancy updates so instead, here is week 34 with Madeleine!


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