Our favorite books – March 2023

We are strong into our book era over here in the Martian household. There are SO MANY BOOKS in the world so I thought I’d share some of our favorite books as of March 2023.

IMG 1993 {Madeleine’s Belle’s Book Club shirt is from The Wishing Elephant. Use code STEPHANIEMARTIAN to save 10%}

Madeleine’s Faves:

  • Search and Find 
    Madeleine loves this specific Search and Find collection. It started with a Halloween one we got from Holibabe (and she has asked for it since we packed it away) and now she is obsessed. They’re a little more than beginner but not too hard for her at all. Some of them aren’t just finding items but are finding rhymes or a specific amount of an object, which I love because it’s also helping her with some useful skills as well! She loves these books so much that at bedtime we tell her to pick out some books but have to say “…but no search and find!” because they take so long 🙂
  • My First Look and Find!
    Are you sensing a theme? I’ve found all of the ones we have at Goodwill (my wallet sings!). We love the Disney ones. They’re big and kid friendly and full of fun, colorful characters. There are Pixar books and also Sesame Street. Highly recommend. They also come in small, diaper bag friendly sizes. I especially love that the last page has additional activities for each page (like finding words that rhyme).
  • Duck and Goose
    We get these at Bookish now (our favorite local bookstore in our town of Camas, WA), but Madeleine LOVES Duck and Goose. It started with their pumpkin one. We were reading it one days and she was laughing uncontrollably at the simple story line and we’ve grown our collection.
  • Fancy Nancy
    I feel like my whole life I’ve dreamed of having a daughter who loves Fancy Nancy and now Madeleine is here, in the flesh, using fancy words like bonjour and memorizing books. We love the first reader books because they’re full of fancy words and a longer story than board books. Our first favorite was Fancy Nancy Sees Stars in case you’re needing very specific recommendations.

Our favorite books March 2023

Georgia’s Faves:

  • Minnie Mouse Ding Dong it’s Daisy!
    Madeleine actually used a gift card she won at 4ever Growing Kids to buy this book but Georgia LOVES to press the buttons and point out Figaro (Minnie Mouse’s pet cat!) when he comes on the pages. The funniest part of this book is that Madeleine will press the doorbell button as many times as it takes to get one specific doorbell sound to play. I’m not sure why she’s drawn to that one specific sound, but she is.
  • Everybody loves Mickey
    Can you tell we’re a Disney fam?! 😂 Georgia loves seeing all of the familiar characters on the pages and likes the little peekaboo cutouts that show the next page.

As we continue to fall in love with books, I’ll try to add our favorite books them to my Amazon Storefront collection called Favorite Books, so make sure you follow me there so you can keep up with our current faves!

We’re also always looking for suggestions on new books to read, so let me know in the comments what your kids are reading and loving.

And while the convenience of Amazon is always nice and appreciate the affiliate income (I made $0.30 last month!), nothing tops walking out of a local bookstore with a stack of books and the knowledge that you’re supporting a small business. Our favorite is Bookish in Camas, WA. Ms. Melissa, who owns the bookstore, is one of the most wonderful people in our community. Find your Ms. Melissa and buy your books there! Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.



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