Friday Favorites #2 – (bi?)weekly favorites

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I tried REALLY HARD to get a post ready for last week, but alas… life. So now, and maybe for now, this will be an every other week thing.

ONE // The Enchanted Cupcake Party game

This Enchanted Cupcake Party game can stop nearly any meltdown in its tracks. It’s really simple (you draw cards and build cupcakes) and Madeleine LOVES it. Only downside is that there are teeny tiny pieces that Georgia could easily eat. Not even concerned about her choking, I think she could straight up eat the pieces like blueberries.

Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Game

TWO // Time with Georgia

Sometimes I look at Georgia and feel so sad that when Madeleine was her age, I was pregnant with Georgia. I felt like I really really knew Madeleine, and it’s weird but I feel like I’m still getting to know Georgia. Not only are we no longer living in social distance/isolation/quarantine times (thank God!), but now I share my time, energy and attention between the two girls.

So whenever we can squeeze in some time just the two of us (before Madeleine wakes up or if Justen takes Madeleine to the store), I soak it up

IMG 2620

{the cutest Mickey footies by sweet p baby co}

IMG 2976

THREE // Impromptu evenings with my dad

IMG 2547

At the very last minute, I got tickets for my dad and I to go see David Ryan Harris play with Scary Pockets. We figured out that we had first seen DRH play… NINETEEN YEARS AGO. Can you even? He is SO SO SO good and I’m so glad we decided to go!

My dad commented, “we never do things like this anymore!” and I was a little sad, because it’s true. I hope that the girls grow up with a love of live music so we can make memories like this with them!

For what it’s worth, we last saw David Ryan Harris TEN YEARS AGO. Where is time going? What is happening?

FOUR // my new pair of jibs shoes

Okay so this may be premature, but jibs sent me this pair of shoes and I LOVE THEM. Full disclosure: I have no regular shoes at the moment. I mean, I have shoes but it’s like when you have a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear. I have a pair of slipper looking shoes with fuzzy insides but they have hard soles so I wear them out and about sometimes. I have one pair of flats with pointy toes, and the rest are sandals or shoes that require me to do things like tie my shoelaces which I honestly cannot be bothered with.

SO! When I was able to get these adorable shoes, I was elated. I honestly thought about them multiple times a day until I got them and they did not disappoint.

The perforation is great for hot days, they are lightweight and super comfy. Easy to slip on… now I need them in more colors!

Jibs Shoes Mid Rise Soft White

{Jibs shoes}

FIVE // the safety of my babies

What a devastating time to be raising children. In my short 3.5 years experience as a parent, we’ve experienced a tornado, formula shortage, global pandemic, toxic air from wildfire smoke, more formula shortages, tylenol shortages, and peppered in all of that has been the slaughtering of these precious children. I have no words nor understanding on how a country so hell-bent on “protecting the children” does such a poor job at keeping their very lives safe.

IMG 2840

I looked over from making breakfast and saw the girls quietly playing and sat down to watch them, maybe even sneak in a photo to soak up the gift that is the mundane every day. This is the one picture I took before they noticed and came to me. Another gift, and I will not take that forgranted.


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