Madeleine // Month 7

This post is late because I literally could not get the past month’s worth of photos to sync to my phone. I guess the iCloud considers itself non-essential and isn’t going to work or something. But Justen is an IT wizard and finally got it to work so now I can OVERLOAD y’all with pictures of my beautiful, sweet, perfect little tiny human.

I bought this little H&M mouse dress on ThredUp awhile ago and it’s my FAVORITE. I said “Madeleine, we need to take a picture in your mouse dress before it’s too small!” and then I realized it’s already more of a… mouse tunic.

This was a big month for Madeleine! She started rolling, started teething, and started eating solids! We first started by ordering food from Little Spoon (which we love!) and now I’m making her purees every couple of days. I had always thought I would participate in baby led weaning, but honestly the overall stress/anxiety of just living through this whole pandemic thing makes me take the path of least stress.

Her favorite foods so far are avocado and pumpkin. White girl through and through.

Rocking 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers still.

At first we had her propped up in this Safety First booster seat, but she’s SO LAZY and really hates sitting up, so we eventually got this highchair, which we love. I love that Madeleine now sits at the table with us.

Trying out her new high chair. She loves it.

She goes hard when she eats. We actually let her get super messy at dinner because she now takes a bath after dinner every night.

We bought her a teeny tiny cup to help her learn to drink water. She’s a HUGE fan of water, but mostly wears it. But this cup, you guys. It’s so cute.

Big fan of her crackers. big fan of crinkle paper. She can’t contain herself when she hears the wrappers of the crackers lol.

One day I was feeding Madeleine when I noticed blood on my clothes. What the heck! I thought. Then I noticed there was blood on her play gym. She loves to slam her legs down, and she’d done it so hardcore that she started bleeding. For days I kept finding blood everywhere when she would bam her legs. She’s crazy.

I got these shirts for Madeleine and her cousin before either of them were born. They now fit in them… but currently can’t’ be together for a picture. So we put them together.

One morning we snuggled so hard she fell asleep.

Me: Madeleine, let’s practice sitting up.
Madeleine: nah.

Me: Madeleine, let’s take a nice picture!
Madeleine: nah

Roly Poly Madeleine.

Madeleine’s first Easter. Her Easter basket (this little unicorn basket) had a crinkle bunny, grab ease utensils, a bunny book and (not pictured) some Kate Quinn clothing. I remember last year thinking, “wow Madeleine will be here for next Easter…” and we went to church via livestream. Which was a bummer, but that’s life. She didn’t mind because she ate pancakes.

Madeleine got this little pig from her grandpa for Easter, and she loves it so much. ps she doesn’t sleep like this unsupervised.

Went for a walk to Hidden River Roasters. You can’t tell but we’re both wearing lemons.

She won’t sit. Now she’ll roll or stand, but she refuses to sit.

I have so many photos on my phone of snoozy Madeleine because she’s the cutest.

More things Madeleine loves: the strings on this one sweatshirt I have. One day I went to put it on because I thought, “I only wore it one day, I’m sure it’s still clean.” Nope, it smelled like sour formula because Madeleine chews on my strings nonstop. Gross.

Madeleine got a children’s Bible. Too many words, not enough pictures and she just laid on Justen’s arm.

Took another walk to Hidden River. They have a walk up window, which has been great.

It was one year since we posted our pregnancy announcement, so we re-made it… except a bunch of people thought it was a pregnancy announcement!

Madeleine sat in on Justen’s morning work call.

So much love for her <3

Found a tree by the library that Madeleine loves. We don’t have outside in our apartment (if that makes sense?), so when it’s nice we’ve been trying to let Madeleine stick her feet in the grass, which she loves. Also this dress I’m wearing is from June & January and it’s literally SO COMFY. Sizing is very generous, size down. But it’s so soft and I love it so much. Madeleine’s romper is J&J, too.

Another day, another walk to the tree by the library. this time Madeleine laid under the tree watching the pink blossoms sway in the wind. She’s just a delight.

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