Baby Martian // Week 22

Shout out to Baby Martian for hitting a huge milestone: homegirl is officially a pound this week, according to the internet.

We missed a photo last week because I was out of town, and then we realized.. if we just skipped week 21, we could actually take a picture of week 22 on the first day of week 22. Prior to getting pregnant, I didn’t realize how you don’t just count months, you count weeks and even DAYS.

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Today I was walking and caught my reflection in the mirror and said “oh wow, I actually really look pregnant.” and I’ve noticed that I started doing that thing pregnant women do where they walk around with their hand on top of their stomachs.

Aside from looking rounder, still having less of an appetite, and disturbingly vivid dreams, I’m still experiencing a fairly asymptomatic pregnancy.

Oh. Except. I CANNOT STAND the smell of body gas/fluid/feces/etc. Like if I use a bathroom after someone who pooped like 30 minutes before, I’ll start gagging and want to puke/die/run/etc. Not that I loved the smell of lingering crap, but my body didn’t use to respond like this!

Over the past two weeks, I’ve gained a pound. I’m still down 6 pounds from my first weigh-in.

I feel her squirming every so often, more consistently after I eat food. also she got really active while we were watching the new Aladdin the other day.

I wonder what she looks like. Most babies look the exact same to me, but what color will her hair be? Will she have birthmarks, and where? Will her ears stick out a lot? Will she have a bunch of little rolls on her legs and arms?

There’s a lot that’s allowing me to be patient. Our bedroom ceiling is still leaking, so we haven’t bought a crib or anything. We’re kind of evaluating if this is the best place for us and our tiny human to live when she gets here. We need to figure that out (we’re working on it!). I’m overwhelmed by the whole stroller/car seat thing (HELP! WHAT IS EASY AND SIMPLE?).

and I’m cherishing the remaining moments of Justen and Stephanie Martian. By the end of the year, we’ll be a party of 3, a family unit that includes a Mr, a Mrs, and a baby. We will never experience life just the two of us ever again. I’m cool with that, but I’m just soaking it all in. We learned one another and chose each other and we’re about to add an unknown person to our mix. For the rest of our lives. It’s a lot. It’s a really heavy feeling some days.

But I’m grateful for the chance to be patient. I know there will come a point where the crib is set up, the car seat is installed, the bag is packed, and I will be struggling to enjoy the countdown.

The Martians are over here patiently, excitedly, and nervously awaiting the invasion of our Baby Martian.

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  1. May 31, 2019 / 10:20 am

    Ahhh how exciting to feel her moving around! I feel like it’s super reassuring when you can feel them move, because it’s not like there’s any other way to keep tabs on them when you can’t even see them yet! You look amazing and I’m just so excited for you.

    • June 3, 2019 / 12:34 pm

      <3 thanks julie!!!! for struggling so much in the beginning, when i randomly feel her squirm or whatever she's doing (zumba?), i'm like "ok, we're good. she's there." it's not as weird as i thought it would be, lol. <3

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