Baby Martian // Week 23

It’s still really funny and kind of weird to me that I’m doing the whole week-by-week photos of my pregnancy thing.

I’ve been deep into Pinterest trying to find an actual format for pregnancy update blog posts and wouldntchya know… there isn’t one. 🙂 So I guess I’ll just figure out what I want to share and make my own… which is what everyone appears to be doing, hence the lack of actual consistent format.

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ps we’re missing an exclamation point but we are excited! the next day as I walked up the stairs to our apartment, I found the ! laying on the ground.. it had fallen off, haha. 

New Things

This past week, Justen and I both felt her kick from the outside. I’d noticed that she was moving around pretty aggressively so I put my hand on the part I was feeling movement and y’all I LOST MY MIND because the next time I felt her inside AND against my hand. So while we sat there watching YouTube videos of the newly opened Star Wars Land, I held Justen’s hand against my stomach until he felt her.

Now I’m obsessed with that and every night I lay in bed trying to feel her. It happened one more time and I got so excited. I have no chill with this baby, y’all. Just look at our fridge. No chill:

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Last week I’d gained a pound, making my pregnancy weight gain -6 lbs. This week I’d lost a few ounces, so my pregnancy weight gain is around -6.5 lbs. I know that in a few months that number will go up as I put on literal baby weight, so having the wiggle room to grow a baby and still be within the recommended 10-pound weight gain is comforting. Also, I’m not trying to lose weight. It’s just happening.


In addition to what I believe are normal worries (is she okay? is she still alive? will she be born too early? will I be an okay mom? etc), Justen and I are without insurance for the month of June. The insurance from his last job covered us through May 31st and his new job’s insurance will kick in on July 1st, but I’m hyper-aware of everything. As people in my Facebook groups go into early labor, get diagnosed with preeclampsia (which I have a high risk for), or lose their babies, I am fearful that any and all of these might happen to me and I’ll be gun-shy to get help because of a lack of insurance. I can’t wait for July.

IMG 8520 769x1024 1

Happy Things

They finished fixing the roof in our apartment, which means soon they’ll fix our ceiling and then we can buy a crib. I’ll be sitting next to it sobbing, don’t worry.

I wrote her full name down on a piece of paper for the first time.

Acquired Things

I spend a lot of time in Goodwill, in case ya didn’t know. I’ve been finding some cool things there, so I’ll start sharing what I’ve found. I’ve found boxes of Honest Diapers for $10 each (they’re normally $26!) and a $15 baby blanket we wanted for $4. To say that I’m excited to share is an understatement 🙂

I’m a ball of emotions, and after a real struggle the first trimester I’m just so excited to feel so much wholehearted excitement for this tiny human inside of me that will become a part of our family FOREVER. That’s a long time, lol.

PS our normal picture-taking spot had REALLY WEIRD shadows (it was a sunny evening for the first time in forever) so we had to relocate, but look at the past month’s change! I literally had Justen take the picture in different angles because I looked fat. He corrected me and said I actually just look pregnant. 


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