A quarter of a year with Georgia 😭 wow, this has FLOWN by! The days have definitely zoomed by faster with Georgia than they did with Madeleine – I attribute that largely to the fact that we’re consistently sleeping through the night, haha.

I say this every month, but Georgia is the perfect addition to our family. She is so sweet, so smiley, so snuggly, so wonderful. Madeleine says “Georgia awake! Good morning, Georgia!” all day long, and she’s figured out how to (aggressively) give her a pacifier, and Georgia is so patient and just smiles back at her.

IMG 0309 IMG 1495 IMG 1582

Our first Christmas with her was absolutely perfect. When Madeleine was Georgia’s age, I remember looking forward to the age Madeleine’s at now. It feels double sweet to have Madeleine, at an age where she can finally appreciate the season, and Georgia who I can just love and appreciate where she’s at right now.

We went on a Holiday train with family and Georgia spent the whole time eating a bottle, then we went to my stepfamily’s house to see all of the girls’ lolas. My stepfamily hasn’t seen Madeleine in TWO YEARS, since she was Georgia’s age. My aunt Monette was visiting from the Philippines and Georgia shares her birthday! We had to get a picture.

IMG 0445 IMG 0455 IMG 1429 IMG 1466

So many pictures of sleepy Georgia. I still take pictures of Madeleine sleeping, too. There’s something just so so wonderful about a sleeping baby.

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…my two sleeping babies <3 One morning Madeleine and Georgie were in bed with me snuggling and she reached over to hold my hand (or so I thought) but when I reached out for her hand, she pushed my hand away and instead grabbed Georgia’s hand to hold. They are so sweet.

IMG 1752

One evening we went to visit Grandma Nella. Grandma Nella was born in Georgia… which is how our girl got her name.

IMG 1519 IMG 1533

IMG 2117 IMG 2164

IMG 2077

I say it every time but I keep meaning it more and more… we are so fortunate to have such a wonderful little girl in our lives.

Georgia // Month 3
Georgia // Month 2
Georgia // Month 1


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