Today Georgia started walking.

Over the past couple of weeks, Georgia has been toying with the idea of walking. She’s almost 18 months old, so it’s definitely time for it to happen. But it did, and I feel… so sad.

Georgia is a petite little girl. Sometimes in the morning when I pick her up, I am surprised by how light she still feels. She has so much about her that still seems so baby like. and it all kind of disappeared once she started walking. One minute she’s crawling and sitting and seeming so small, and the next she is standing and walking next to Madeleine. I see how tall she is, I can finally put her in dresses and we need shoes more than booties.

Madeleine always asks me “you don’t want me to grow up?” and I tell her, “no, I want you to grow up. Just don’t do it so fast.” Every day they just get bigger and taller and more independent and it is both a joy to watch and an absolute heartbreak. God willing, I will spend most of my life knowing them as adults. This season is so short and it is such an honor to have front row seats to their daily changes, discoveries and bad habits (like hair sucking – so gross). IMG 1519

{Georgia’s pajamas were gifted to us from Bamboo Little}


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