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Today I’m sharing our five favorite newborn products. I guess TECHNICALLY Georgia isn’t a newborn anymore (hold my coffee while I sob), but this covers the first two months of her life. Not only that, but I’m choosing to share five of my favorite newborn products we didn’t have or use with Madeleine. To read more about what I used when she was a newborn, you can check out this blog post about what I used daily as a first time mom.

ONE // Ryan & Rose Cutie Pats { Ryan & Rose Site / Target / Amazon}

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Madeleine is a wubbanub JUNKIE. There’s a lot of weaning/training to happen in the next few months but didn’t want to do any of it before Georgia arrived. Soon we’ll be retiring her wubbanubs (let me hand you my coffee again so I can sob some more), and I didn’t want for Georgia to have a pacifier that looked like Madeleine’s, so that it would be easy to separate her wubbanubs from Georgia’s pacis. I picked up a few Cutie Pats at TJ Maxx, but then I really stocked up when Ryan & Rose had a BOGO sale. The colors are BEAUTIFUL. If you shop Ryan & Rose using my link, you can save $5 off of a $12+ order (valid for first time customers only). 

TWO // Snuggle Me Organic {Target / Amazon / BuyBuyBaby / Nordstrom}

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Especially in the early days, Georgia LOVED to sleep in the Snuggle Me on the couch (never unattended, step down mommy police!). She’s moved over to more structured naps in the bassinet, but it’s still great to lay her down and grab something (like my coffee, I think I can handle that now). That said, this has been a WONDERFUL new piece of baby gear for our family. I don’t know if we would have kept our sanity without it, haha.

THREE // Magnetic Me Onesies {Nordstrom / BuyBuyBaby / Nordstrom Rack / Amazon}

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LISTEN. People talk about don’t buy onesies that snap, the zippers are life changing. But I’ll see your zippers and RAISE YOU SOME MAGNETS! Magnetic Me onesies come in super cute prints and the modal fabric is SO SOFT. I was able to stock up on some newborn size on sale, and now I’m facing the reality that I only have ONE for 0-3 months. Yikes. I HIGHLY recommend these onesies, especially the ones that are modal.. they’re super soft and so convenient.

FOUR // Earth Mama Baby Wash & Oil

This time around, I feel a little less terrified of every single choice I make – mostly because I’ve already made them! I remember being so terrified to use any soap on Madeleine, especially with all of my Facebook mom groups lamenting about this or that body wash making their kids have skin issues – yikes! I used Earth Mama products all throughout my pregnancy, so it was a stupid easy decision to use the baby wash and oil on sweet Georgia. I LOVE the Sweet Orange scent, and the oil is now part of my regimen to help Georgia’s cradle cap, thanks to a suggestion by another mom in the Earth Mama Bump Squad. If you shop Earth Mama using this link, you’ll get 20% off almost everything on their site. You can also use the code STEPHANIE.MARTIAN20 to save 20% on almost everything!

FIVE // SwaddleMe Pod

IMG 0411

At around 5 weeks old, I started swaddling Georgia and putting her down for naps. I noticed that she HATED – and I mean HAAAAATED having her arms swaddled down. So I put her in our beloved little Love to Dream hands up swaddle.. which she ALSO hated. Then one day at Goodwill, I saw a brand new pack of these SwaddleMe Pods for $5. When I tell you that I have a large collection of baby sleep products I’ve collected at Goodwill, I mean I have a LARGE collection of baby sleep products I’ve collected at Goodwill. That stuff is EXPENSIVE and those companies totally know that exhausted parents will pay whatever for a good nights sleep!

Back to the story. Georgia loves these swaddles SO MUCH. There’s just enough give that she can go from having her hands down to up to on her chest, depending on what she wants. But it’s snug enough that all that moving around doesn’t cause bunching in the fabric or cause anything to come loose (it’s a zipper!). I’m ready to buy a pack for the next size up because these have been LIFESAVERS.


There are a few more things we’ve been using with Georgia that we didn’t have with Madeleine (lookin at you Hatch Rest, Nanit monitor, Bonsie onesie) but those are the ones that I love the most (the Hatch and Nanit are the most used and I do love them, but they’re not as fun as everything on this list.)

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