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TWO MONTHS of our super sweet Georgia girl. When I keep calling her sweet, I mean it. She has the sweetest disposition (so long as she has a full tummy and clean diaper). I am SO IN LOVE with her and her sweet little face.

At two months old, she’s had exactly THREE baths in her lifetime (cut us a break, we are tired). She sleeps a solid 6 hour stretch at night most nights (bless you Georgia!). She’s finishing up the last of her newborn diapers and starting to max out her newborn clothes.. but of course the 0-3 month clothes are HUGE on her. She’s just a petite little peanut!

I put Georgia in the same outfit Madeleine wore for her 2 month photos, and it definitely fits her way different than it fit Madeleine.

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She does really well at sleeping when she decides she wants to 🙂 But really, she spends a lot of the day snoozing away swaddled in her bassinet. She often ends up pressed against the side, or my favorite is like this – sideways. I remember reading that babies like to be in the corners of their bassinets because they’re used to being all snuggled up in the womb. Makes sense.

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She’s getting mostly breastmilk, which I am SO GRATEFUL for. With Madeleine, I really struggled to produce milk. I don’t have enough of a supply to sustain Georgia with nursing. I met with a WONDERFUL lactation consultant who helped me come up with a rhythm as opposed to a routine and it’s helped me immensely. I try to get in at least 3 pumps a day, and Georgia gets 2 oz bottles with a top off of breast milk. If we’re not at home or if the feeding lines up with when I pump (like in the evenings), she’ll get 3 oz of either formula or breast milk, depending on what we have in the fridge. Even if I’m not able to exclusively or mostly breastfeed, I’ve learned SO MUCH between my last experience and this one and I feel so much more in control and less stressed out. Plus, I’ve seen that I can raise a pretty awesome baby on formula if I have to 🙂

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I am so grateful for this exhausting season of life. Madeleine just wakes up wanting to play and snack all day long, and Georgia wakes up wanting to eat, sleep and snuggle all day. Definitely leaning hard into that quote about remembering there was a time when I prayed for this very situation. So incredibly grateful for these two and I’ve stopped apologizing for toys everywhere.

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Speaking of these two. One morning, we pulled out Georgia’s bouncer (she’s not always + completely sold on it at this point) and brought it into their room to play. Madeleine had so much fun “making cookies” for Georgia and it felt like a little glimpse into life with two as opposed to life with a toddler and a newborn… if that even makes sense. It might not.. have I mentioned how tired I am?

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She’s started smiling this month, and honestly… it’s the sweetest thing. She’s so sweet. We are so lucky to have her. What a little dream of a baby.

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The other day I was texting my friend Mei-Ling and Georgia went ahead and sent a bunch of gibberish. I said “that was Georgia,” and went to take a selfie of her sitting on my lap and this is the picture that came of it. She looks so funny, especially in the context of hijacking my phone and sending texts!

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Georgia celebrated her first halloween, and we put her in the same little Cinderella onesie that Madeleine wore for her first Halloween. It’s a little big but oh so cute.

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Shoved Madeleine and Georgia into these matching outfits I got them from Old Navy earlier this year… and then forgot to take a picture of them together. But I did get a picture of sweet Georgia snuggling away.

IMG 5182

I am SO TIRED, but I am so so so grateful for our TWO! girls. They are two little treasures and I can’t believe we get to love them.

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Thank you for being ours you sweet little peach. <3 We are all so in love with you.

Georgia // Month 1


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