GEORGIA // month 1

On the one hand… ONE MONTH OLD ALREADY? and on the other hand, I’ve been thinking I’m 10 weeks postpartum making her 2.5 months old so suddenly I just got back a LOT of time with my little newborn baby. That newborn baby exhaustion fog is real, y’all!

What a little peach, amiright?! Georgia Anastacia is the best little addition to our family. She has her fussy spells during the day (usually right around the time Madeleine goes down for a nap, how lucky for me!) but she sleeps SO WELL at night. She obviously wakes up to eat a few times but babies gonna baby.

In the hospital, she lost 11% of her body weight. We took her home with a 10% weight loss and a feeding plan. After nursing then feeding, we weighed her on our Hatch scale and realized she was still losing weight so I stopped trying to nurse her and we began combo feeding her what I could pump and then formula. She was an ounce over her birth weight by her 2 week appointment. A week later we all went in for Madeleine’s 2 year appointment (oh man, should I have made a 2 year post for that? Yikes!) and our pediatrician weighed Georgia since we were there… she’d gained 10 oz in a week. So we’re doing good on the feeding.

We are absolute slackers and she still hasn’t had a bath yet. I’ve been waiting to feel a little better post c-section before we tackle that. And also? Madeleine’s first bath at home was… uh… very poopy. and she wasn’t a poopy kind of girl. Georgia has 6ish poopy diapers a day and I am just way too tired to think about cleaning up a poopy bath at the moment.

In a very eye roll funny kind of way, Georgia really likes to be sitting up. If she’s upset, she’ll calm down (at least temporarily) if she’s sitting on my chest. After weeks of trying everything in my power to get her NOT sitting up, it’s kind of funny. Again, in a very eye roll kind of way.


Madeleine has been doing FANTASTIC as a big sister. The first thing she says every morning is “Georgia! Go see Georgia!” and if we say Georgia’s sleeping, she’ll say “WAKE HER UP!” Holding her with the Boppy is Madeleine’s new favorite hobby. and honestly, I support it because how cute are they?!

we’ve also got in some really great snuggles, and I feel overwhelmed with love for the two of them.

Georgia’s pretty much been living in a few Magnetic Me onesies we’ve purchased for her – people always talk about zipper vs snap but I’ll go ahead and one up that and say that magnets are far superior than zippers! They’re pretty spendy but I’ve checked Nordstrom Rack and have snagged some cute ones for a reasonable price.

So glad she’s ours. It feels like just yesterday I was writing Madeleine’s 1 month post, so I know how fast these long, exhausting days go by. Soaking her up. <3


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