Baby Martian // Week 29

Next week, our countdown to due date is in the SINGLE DIGITS. What the crap. I remember finding out we were pregnant and wondering what it would feel like to be DOUBLE DIGITS WEEKS PREGNANT, and now here we are kind of nearing the home stretch.

We’ve got a crib.
We’ve got a changing table.
We’ve got a car seat.
We’ve got a stroller.
We’ve got a couple hundred diapers and wipes.

Homegirl could come and while we (emotionally) would not be ready (will we EVER?) we would be tangibly ready.

Last week they finally fixed our ceiling and our baby furniture came in the mail so while Justen was out for the evening, I got the crib and changing table all set up. We have to order a rug and some wall decor, so I’m going to wait to share pictures until then. But y’all, waking up and seeing the furniture for another human being is insane. Like we’re about to share a room with another human being who is currently chillin’ in my body. IT IS SO WEIRD.

IMG 0736 1024x1024 1

Changed up the outfit because I was wayyyyy too lazy and it was too hot and I didn’t want to change. Also, I dug that dress out of the Goodwill Outlet and I’m pretty proud of it. Actually, on that day, I found quite a few dresses and tops to wear and accommodate my growing stomach.

I’ve been reading this book Justen bought me while I was in Nashville. It’s actually been REALLY HELPFUL. I never realized that being pregnant was such an emotional roller coaster. As I read, I have to share parts with Justen that are SO RELEVANT to my experience.

IMG 0833

This is random, but I discovered the number I weighed at my first prenatal appointment. I thought I’d re-gained all the weight I lost, but I’m still down 5 pounds from where I started.. which is weird because my stomach is getting bigger. I’m guessing it’s the combination of growing a human (that has to burn a lot of calories, right?) AND my loss of appetite (which is still happening!).

ALSO: Last week my blog post said that I had a bit of melanoma, but what I meant was MELASMA. My computer corrected it, and I was called out on it a few times. I’m grateful it’s not melanoma! 

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  1. July 20, 2019 / 11:13 am

    You look amazing!!! And I agree, can you ever be ready for a baby? The good news is newborns don’t run away from you (things I’m personally looking forward to) and just stay where you leave them…so it’ll be fine. It’s all fine. 🙂

    • July 22, 2019 / 9:24 am

      when i call starbucks and am like “hey did someone happen to leave a baby in a carseat in your store?” i’ll be like “julie said that babies stay where you leave them so it’s fine” lol 😉 so many people are doom and gloom about a newborn so i’m appreciating this perspective <3

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