Baby Martian // Week 30

OK the original plan was to take pictures in the SAME OUTFIT, in the SAME PLACE… but then last week I was too lazy and this week I thought, “well if I already wore a different outfit once…” AND our ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD is blocked off because of Camas Days happening this weekend! It’s like an annual block party. Vendors, food trucks (I’ve got my eye on the shave ice truck bc 80+ degree weather), there are two parades… it’s awesome. But I thought.. let’s go take a picture downstairs because we’ll NEVER be able to get a picture in the street with no cars!

IMG 1259 1024x1024 1

See that door on the left, kind of in the middle of the picture? That goes to our apartment. We literally live in the cutest area in the world. That would be a movie theater on one side and an antique store on the other. Imma let you finish but we hit the jackpot.

On to the baby things.

We had an anatomy scan with our new care providers. They said her head is really low (which explains why I am literally saying “oh man, my cervix” on the daily). She weighs like 2.15 pounds and is in the 65th percentile (I’ve been dying for a percentile number because the other numbers mean nothing to me).

The ultrasound tech confirmed (again) that she’s a girl (y’all I’d be fine with a boy but not as a last minute surprise) but was struggling to get some measurements. The most no nonsense doctor came in and asked if he’d told me that she looks at every baby in addition to just looking at the charts. I said no, and she said that she’d see if the baby would cooperate more with her than she had with the guy.

Y’all she was so no-nonsense with her little wand thing that it took my breath away. Like bam bam bam, really hard on my stomach and straight to the point. She said “yep, she’s cooperating,” and I thought “I’d do whatever this lady says too, she is not messing around.” I figured I’d ask her if I could bring the baby in to her in like 13 years to see if she’d cooperate with her if she wasn’t listening to me and the doctor leaned in and said “absolutely not. I have a 14 year old girl and I’m only doing this once.”

Our midwife said that the baby is great, the fluid is great, the size of my uterus (lol what is life) is great. I’m taking every other day pills for very mild anemia, but that’s it.

We’re finishing up our little nursery area, but here’s what it looked like before we added some bins and a rug (and we’ve got gold polka dots and a decal of her name for the wall).

IMG 0544 1024x768 1

I’ll take more and better pictures when it’s a little more finished, but that’s her half of our room. It’s not much but we don’t need much and we’ll make it work 🙂 PS WE WILL NOT BE KEEPING STUFFED ANIMALS IN HER CRIB I KNOW IT’S DANGEROUS. Just covering my bases. 🙂

See y’all next week.

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  1. July 26, 2019 / 6:59 pm

    30 weeks! Man, that’s getting close already. So cute that the crib and changing table match!

  2. July 30, 2019 / 10:34 am

    Yay for 30 weeks!!! What a cute space for her (and LOL about that no nonsense tech/doctor person!). Also I don’t think I knew you’re having a midwife! I am the hugest fan of them and that makes me so happy to hear you’ll have one too!!!!

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