Baby Martian // “Nursery” Update

When we first found out we were pregnant, we were living in a cute little studio apartment across the hall. It was one of the many reasons I walked out of the bathroom with my pee stick and said “I don’t know how to feel,” on repeat while Justen hugged me and I cried.

Before I took the test, I prayed “God, whatever is your will.” Standing in that tiny one room living space seemed so much smaller thinking about where to put another human being and their things.

Four days later, we found out we could move back into our one bedroom mansion. We walked into our bedroom and I remember thinking “we have all this space for a baby!” For the past few months we’ve been looking at the empty space on the other side of our room and thinking about how someone else would live there by the end of the year. and then we found out that person will be a baby girl. and then we got her furniture and stuff.

Every so often I get overwhelmed that in a few months there will LITERALLY BE ANOTHER HUMAN BEING living with us – even more overwhelming to think that right now she is living INSIDE OF MY BODY. Next level sci fi crap right there.

After a really struggly first few months of pregnancy, waking up and seeing the crib and all the baby things makes me really excited to meet her.

IMG 5863

This is the view when you walk into our bedroom. The IKEA bag really gives it a nice pop of color, don’t you think? Insert the biggest eyeroll here. We had originally thought about getting white furniture and then suddenly I realized how sterile the whole room would look if that was the case.

Also you may be wondering why we put the crib in front of our (bathroom/closet/etc) door, but that door just goes out to the hallway of our apartment building.

IMG 5854


We’ve been stocking up on diapers and wipes (from Goodwill!) for months. Not to be all braggy, but one day I had this EPIC day of brand new baby stuff at Goodwill… I got 3 boxes of Honest diapers for $9.99 each. They’re $27.99 a box, so I basically got 3 for 1. I’ve also been acquiring those little gold polka dot bins (brand new!!) from Goodwill for 1/2 the price as they are at Target.

IMG 5856

We ordered a wall decal of her name to put here. I realized it’s going to be tiny so we’re trying to see if we can cancel and order it in a bigger size. pro-tip: measure things. We’re not being super secretive about her name, we’ve told our family and some friends but listen… MULTIPLE people have already guessed her name so whatever, I guess I’m predictable.

We actually bought those gold wall dots when Toys R Us was going out of business and it turns out they came in handy 🙂

IMG 5858

Here’s our one main storage for her stuff. We’ll probably end up rearranging where we keep things once we have our showers, but for now I just like taking out the baby clothes and looking at them and re folding them. It’s so pathetic, but welcome to where I’m at in life these days.

IMG 5849

Last December I begged Justen to let me buy that little elephant diffuser and he kept asking why we needed ANOTHER diffuser. A month later we found out we were pregnant so YOU KNOW I ordered it right away before it sold out.

Also. Last year I was at the bins and I found this brand new Beauty and the Beast jewelry box in the shape of The Wardrobe. I thought I’d put it back but when I unloaded my cart discovered it was still there. I don’t plan on this baby wearing jewelry any time soon but one day. and then that picture of us on the day we found out we’re having a girl. You can’t tell but Justen’s eyes are closed, but it was the only one I could find and I thought that if I didn’t start putting pictures in the Kate Spade frames I’ve started hoarding, Justen would make me donate them.

IMG 5862

This is the view from my side of the bed. We’ll probably end up switching sides when the baby gets here, but until then.. here’s where my family sleeps. We have a beautiful rocking chair that Justen’s parents got us, but we realized there’s no way it would fit in this room so we moved it to the living room.

I’ve been meaning to do a full “apartment tour” post on my blog, but nothing’s really motivated me to get my camera out and snap some pictures like slapping a bunch of gold polka dots on the wall (where I can reach).

Scale of 1-10 how bad do you think these pictures will make my mom cry? She’s really excited for the baby to get here 🙂

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