Old Navy Toddler Girls’ Spring Clothes

Get ready for some of my favorite Old Navy Toddler Girls’ Spring Clothes!

Old Navy has become one of my favorite places to buy clothes for Madeleine in the past year. I’m not a huge fan of over the top cutesy girl clothes and Old Navy has the perfect balance of cute patterns and timeless staples.

When Madeleine was smaller and growing out of clothes every few days (or so it felt!), it didn’t make sense to spend a lot of money on her clothes, and honestly it still doesn’t. A lot of her clothes are second hand BUT I want to invest in a few pieces that I know she can wear all season long and can be passed on, sold or stored for someone else.

While it’s FREEZING COLD here in the Northwest, I’m dreaming of some warmer days and being able to take Madeleine in the (chilly) sun in some cute spring clothes. Naturally I turned to my trusty friend and found that the Old Navy Toddler Girls’ Spring Clothes section is full of SO MUCH bright, cheery goodness.

Old Navy Toddler Girls Spring Clothes

These are just a few of my favorites – especially that clear rain jacket. I might end up getting that! You can see what colors I lean towards. Now that Madeleine spends most of her time standing upright (or should I say falling over and then standing up again), clothes look different, if that makes sense? She looks more like a small human WALKING around in clothes as opposed to crawling. and that makes those raw edge hem skinny jeans look so so so cute.

Anyway! I’ll update what I end up getting her, but for now you can easily peruse my favorite Old Navy Toddler Girls’ Spring Clothes right here on my blog!


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