Two years with Georgia

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Two years of sweet Georgia Anastacia. When Madeleine turned two, Georgia was a tiny newborn and so it didn’t hit as hard. Now it feels like my BABY is two.

Georgia, most frequently called Georgie, is unlike any kid I’ve ever met. She is so sweet and snuggly but when she is tired or mad, look out because she BITES. Every morning when she wakes up she asks for a pouch and spends the rest of the day attempting to get food out of anyone who goes near the kitchen.

Her hair is wild, always in her face or covered in food. She is covered with bruises because she is both clumsy and fearless. To make sure she is never excluded, she will put her hand on her chest and shout “ME!!!!!!!” if someone appears to be doing something without her.

She is helpful, always running to grab shoes to bring to people when its time to go and constantly throwing away crumbs and wrappers.

I can’t believe we have been on the wonderful adventure of having Georgia in our family for two years. Time is so confusing – days drag on and on (especially when I can’t do the dishes without someone begging for snacks) but all of a sudden YEARS have passed.

What a true honor to be Georgia’s parent, to hold her as a small snuggly girl and to lay the foundations for a lifetime of love, learning and lots of sweet memories to come.


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