Five on Friday – Five recent Amazon Purchases

Tis the season for heavy relying on Amazon Prime shipping to get your last minute gifts delivered real fast, amiright? Honestly, until Madeleine was born, I never really understood Amazon Prime. I always appreciated quick shipping but it wasn’t until there was a tiny human keeping me snuggled at home and out of stores that I began to appreciate how quickly Amazon could get pretty much anything to my door!

One of my favorite kinds of posts to do on my other blog were my Five on Friday series, so I decided to bring that over to my new blog with me!

Today my FIVE on Friday are five recent Amazon purchases. They are RANDOM, y’all. But let me share them and I’ll review them!

Copy of Amelia Bundle Templates 3

01 // 6 gold magnetic hooks

We used to keep our pot holders and oven mitts on S-hooks draped over the handle of the oven… and then along came Madeleine, the oven mitt stealer! I’m not even kidding, whenever I can’t find an oven mitt or a pot holder I will see Madeleine running around with it. Our refrigerator is right next to the oven, so we bought these hooks to hang our hot pad things so Madeleine can’t reach them. These hooks are STURDY. Big fan of them!

02 // Snowflake Fairy lights

I discovered these as an Amazon promo and was a little skeptical because I didn’t pay much for them, but we hung them over Madeleine’s little reading area in her room and she has LOVED them. They have two settings, one blinks (she calls it the “dance” setting) and one is just a solid lit light. They are really great quality, long, and we have loved them.

03 // Cable organizer box

We keep most of the electronics of the girls’ room in a corner that’s harder to access for safety reasons. We spent a few months looking at this eyesore of a cable mess and I kept saying “we need one of those boxes to help organize cables!” and when we finally got one, Justen loved it so much we ended up buying a second one for our kitchen counter.

04 // Pink laundry basket

One day I’ll get on top of the laundry. … at least that’s what I tell myself as I see piles of clean laundry waiting to be folded and put away all over the house. 😂 We only had one laundry basket and decided we should get a second one so that we could put the girls’ laundry in one and hopefully make it easier to utilize the time we have to put clothes away. This laundry is a little on the flimsier side, but I actually appreciate being able to squish it together and carry it around easier. It’s really cute and does the job we need it to!

05 // set of 4 pillow covers

We don’t have a ton of storage so we had the idea to instead buy 4 pillow inserts and then just swap out the covers with the seasons. Our fall/Christmas decor is black/white buffalo check (so we can buy something and use it from October – January instead of two sets of something for that time) and we were needing something a little more festive for the throw pillows on our couch. I love the look of these – the fabric isn’t super comfortable, but they’re definitely more for show than anything.

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