ONE YEAR with Georgia

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ONE YEAR with our sweet, silly Georgia girl.

Last night we were talking about how Madeleine’s birthday is next and I said “you will be THREE – I can’t believe it!” and she said “why mama? you don’t want me to grow big?” and I told her that I wanted her to grow big and strong but I just wish she stayed little just a little longer.

I am so honored to have loved Georgia for a whole year, to have felt her tiny head rest on my chest, snuggled under her favorite Barefoot Dreams blanket. Most of my life, I will know Georgia as an adult. but for this year, I have had the privilege of knowing and loving her as a vulnerable little newborn and an infant and now this next year I will get to know and love her as a toddler.

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Georgia is unlike any baby I’ve ever known, in some wonderful ways and some challenging ways (like an extreme disliking of restraint – think car seat, stroller, high chair if the food isn’t enough to distract her).

She is her mama’s girl in a way that is totally different from Madeleine. I am secure in Madeleine’s love for me in the way she searches me out in times of worry or trouble, the way she curls her little body right next to mine when we share a bed. The way she looks forward to playing blocks or instinctively calls MAMA if she wakes up in the middle of the night.

But Georgia’s love is different. I see her love when someone else holds her and she won’t be comforted and instead looks at me. The way her face lights up when I walk in a room and she immediately starts crawling my way. and I hear it in her cries when I leave a room before she is ready for me to go.

What an absolute delight our little Georgia Anastacia has turned out to be. I can’t wait to spend another year loving her.

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  1. October 12, 2022 / 5:34 pm

    wow. one year already! (and she’s even older now cause i’m super late to this post lol) it is so fun to watch your little girls grow! 🙂

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