Stop This Train

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I am trying to enjoy it.
Every day I try to soak it in.
Their hands are the smallest they’ll ever be again.
They will never be this little ever again.

Today Madeleine found some of her baby clothes while we were looking for things to sell and she said we should keep it for when she is a little baby again, and I tried explaining to her that she won’t ever be a little baby again.

I don’t understand how this all happens, how it just slips through my fingers so quickly. Now that Georgia is walking, she is like a real live toddler. No more baby, even when she’s snuggled up in a baby carrier. A real girl.

Awhile back I taught Madeleine to say “don’t be ridiculous!” if someone says something stupid and I say “tell ’em.” It started as “don’t be ridicufus” and today I noticed it is “don’t be ridic-you-us.” Very close to the real thing.

She went everywhere with her babies Stella and Drucilla and then one day made up these invisible friends Noogie and Foogie and forgot the name of her baby dolls.

It is a true joy to watch them grow and also a slow aching pain to know that they won’t remember any of these days when they are grown.

But for now they both still fit on my lap so I will invite them in and try to capture it as much as I can, in my memory and with photos when I am able.

Even if the photos end up about as good as these ones, lol.

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