Madeleine // Month 4

Four whole months with Madeleine. The day before she turned 4 months marked a year since I found out we were having a baby. I’ll never forget any of it. I’d experienced implantation bleeding (from when she nestled herself into my uterus as a teeny tiny egg) and researched why my body randomly bled for 6 hours. That’s when I discovered implantation bleeding and messily peed on a stick one Sunday evening. Two very clear lines showed up and I calmly washed my hands, walked out and nodded to Justen. I started sobbing and said I didn’t know what to feel.


I can’t believe that was Madeleine. She was a tiny little egg, merely a spike in my hormones. Had it been a month earlier or a month later and it wouldn’t have been her. I did the math and my body has shed roughly 260 eggs in its lifetime, and none of those were her either. It’s just amazing to me.

She’s so fun – she’s started to play with toys. Her favorites are this light up firefly we found brand new from Target at Goodwill, this Manhattan toy ball and this crinkle paper I bought on a whim from Target. $8 for two pieces of crinkle paper and I would do it again IN A HEARTBEAT because she’s so funny with it!

Last month I shared that she loves to stretch her legs out when the diaper is off and it’s turned into a full on sensation. She loves to go bam. She’ll bring her legs up and then slam them down on whatever surface she’s laying on, and it’s my favorite thing. Even though it’s cold I find myself dressing her in shorts or outfits with knee high socks because I love her little legs. They’re perfect.

She talks up a storm, sleeps mostly through the night, and is constantly doing little baby crunches trying to sit up, so I’ve been trying to prop her up as often as I can.

After Christmas, I put away all of her Christmas pajamas and I got REALLY SAD. Taking out the newborn clothes was hard but the Christmas outfits were just as difficult. Her 0-3 and 3 month clothes are starting to fit a little snug (we’ve still got some time in them, though!) but 3-6 and 6 months are HUGE on her.

Since before she was born, I’ve had 0-3 month clothes hanging up and folded in baskets, waiting for her arrival. Taking them down to put up bigger sizes is going to probably be harder than getting rid of newborn stuff and Christmas combined.

I always ask her what she did with my little baby. Sometimes I go through my Madeleine Instagram highlight and am blown away by how little she was just a few months ago. I remember longing for her to smile at me so I could know she liked me. I remember being amazed by how loud she was when she slept. It seems like a lifetime ago.

Here’s a photo dump of this past month, this time I went ahead and added some captions. Month 4 is going to be so fun. We’re going to take her to Nashville to introduce her to the best twins she’ll ever meet.

My Goodwill buddy.

Catching up on her reading.

Literally the most delightful baby ever.

Hanging with her people.

Look at those little Kate Spade Keds. I can’t handle them.

Goin’ for a walk around the neighborhood. Forgot a pacifier so we only made it downstairs to the antique store.


Hanging with cousin Tay. They’re 5 1/2 weeks apart and it’s going to be SO FUN watching them grow up together.

Probably my favorite pic of her because that outfit! That face! those little fingers! Those little legs! Ugh. I love her so much.  

A rare picture of the two of us and it’s really nice.

She literally talked herself to sleep.

Wubbanub and Mr. Firefly and this girl is happy.

Get it? because Martian? k.

Stopped by Thatcher’s on the 4th anniversary of the first day we met there. Madeleine and her drool face are really stealing the show in this pic.


Someone needs to make 0-3 or 4 month specific beanies because infant beanies look like this on her, haha.

My personal brand is dusty pink and rose gold. Madeleine’s personal brand is the floral fields collection at Target, reindeers and polka dots. 🙂

Hidden baby.

A girl and her reindeer.

See? Reindeer and polka dots. and that face.

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