Madeleine // Month 5

This one is coming in a little late. I knew we’d hit her 5th month the day after we got to Nashville, but it was such a whirlwind of a trip (literally) that I’ve only just sat down to recap the last month of sweet Madeleine’s life.

She grew out of talking to the skylight and bamming her legs. She can grab her bottle and is working on giving high fives. Her sounds are different, she sleeps quietly, and I am constantly amazed at how big she looks. Cue the tears.

So here’s her fourth month of life up until she hit month 5.

We got rear-ended on the freeway. Went to the Emergency Room to get checked out. I joked to Justen, “look at me! I’m standing here checking in like normal and not screaming at anyone!” but then when they put the little bracelet on Madeleine’s wrist I had flashbacks to the 3rd day of her life and spent lots of time sobbing. We’re all fine, but man. I hope we don’t go the hospital with Madeleine again for a LONG TIME.

We hit up our neighborhood bagel shop, Cedar St. Bagels probably an average of every 3 days. When they first announced a bagel shop coming to Camas, Justen and I laughed about how it’s not like we even go out that much anyway. Well when there are bagels, I guess we do 🙂

Post church bagel shop visit.
Converse crib shoes | Old Navy Dress | Our favorite, super affordable headbands | that little cat Wubbanub

4 month check up at Dr. Metzger’s office. She got cleared for solids (we’re not doing it until she sits on her own). She was 14 lbs (41st percentile), 24.33″ long (38th percentile) and she destroyed the paper on the little bench thing in the office. At least she had fun though 🙂

always moving 🙂

Put on a brand new pair of leggings that I decided I loved so much (they are Victoria’s Secret softest leggings ever – literally the name of them, and they have pockets for your phone!) and Madeleine decided to christen them 🙂

Impromptu lunch date with our friend Maria and her baby Olivia.
LilleBaby carrier | amazon beanie that finally kinda fits

Lunchin’ with friends is hard and Madeleine CRASHED when we got home.
Kate Spade cardigan & Baby Gap chambray dress (both from ThredUp) | June & January Tights | Converse Crib Shoes | Elephant WubbaNub

Literally the cutest. Didn’t want to disturb her with a swaddle so i gave her a blanket and stared at the monitor for 45 minutes lol 🙂

Honestly, I just want to cry she’s so cute.
Super affordable headbands | Cherokee glitter dot cardigan | Kate Quinn bloomers from Poshmark | Carter’s fuzzy socks

On our way to Chick-fil-a. I feel this happy about Chick-fil-a too, but I at least get to eat it! 🙂

Our favorite affordable headbands | Patagonia fleece from Goodwill | Manhattan toy rattle ball | Cat WubbaNub

Overseeing my laundry folding 🙂

Delightful little nugget <3

Holding down the fort in the family lounge at church.

My stepmom became a US Citizen! We played “Proud to be an American” as we walked in, and Madeleine dressed for the occasion 🙂

Blurry, but check my girl taking hold of her own bottle. BRB crying.

I kiss her probably 342746129398 times a day because how can I not

Legs in the air, wave ’em like you just don’t care. 🙂

Youngest member of our new young adult community group we’re starting at church.
Affordable bows | Patagonia fleece from goodwill | Oshkosh jeans | Zutano booties from a resale store

Playing with literally ALL THE THINGS.

Picked up this Moby wrap brand new from Goodwill for $15 and practiced snuggling in it for the plane ride to Nashville. I have another Moby wrap, but this one is stretchier and Madeleine seems to enjoy it more.

Guess where we went? If you guessed the bagel shop you are 100% correct.

Madeleine’s first Valentine’s Day! My dad brought me a bouquet of roses and made sure to bring a vase so Madeleine could have her own, too 🙂

obsessed with her.

First Valentine’s Day, outfit #1.

Affordable headbands | Old Navy dress we bought on clearance for like $1.47, I think it’s Christmas but you know what, it’ll do for Valentine’s Day! | Kate Quinn bloomers from Poshmark | cannot remember where I got the little moccasins.

Sorry not at all sorry I spent $15 buying my baby this shirt. From Mila Handmade Shop on Etsy. Pants are from Old Navy.

Every day is take your baby to work day for me. Some days the only work I get done is snuggling this girl 🙂

a little matchy matchy 🙂

Madeleine’s not at all fooled by this fake coffee cup I gave her to chew on, she wants the real thing.

again with the holding of the bottle.

Kate Quinn had a sale and I couldn’t resist. Also, I realized that the little thin headbands stay on SO MUCH BETTER than the thick ones. What took me so long?

I can’t deal with this cute little unicorn hat from The Children’s Place. I can’t. The day before we left for Nashville we went on a walk… to the bagel shop (not joking about this) and to get coffee before spending the day working. She’s my favorite 🙂

En route to Nashville, waiting at the airport. She charmed everyone. 🙂


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