Baby Martian // Week 33

There’s this song I’ve known and loved for like 16 years, called “What’ll She Look Like,” by this band called Stephen Speaks.

and ON THE DAILY, I get that song stuck in my head for very obvious reasons.

Will she be soft, will she be strong
Will she be ready to be wrong
Will she move too fast or wait too long
Will she look me in the eyes
What’ll she look like?

every time she gets really bad hiccups or squirms, I think of that song.

Who. the. heck. are. you., baby.?

What color is your hair? (I think blonde because Justen and I both started with light hair that got darker when we got older)
What color are your eyes? (blue like Justen’s?)
Do you have any birth marks? (I have a super weird one)
Is your nose as big as it looked in that one ultrasound? (I really hope not but that’s more for you than me)

It’s bizarre to feel another human being inside of me – someone I don’t know and have never actually met.

I was telling my aunt the other day that this year has ZOOMED by, but August has been the slowest month of my life… oh except September will probably be so much worse.

IMG 2677 1024x1024 2

We had our last appointment with our current midwife. She said everything is great, the baby’s growth ultrasound, the size my uterus was measuring (lol what that’s such a weird sentence), my weight gain, etc. When I told her about my frequent heartburn she smiled and nodded because I guess it’s normal. I’m not a fan of heartburn at all. I’ve never had it until this and it sucks, fyi.

I just can’t wait to meet her.

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