Madeleine // Month 6

Before Madeleine was born, I kept saying “if I can just get to like 6 months, I’ll be fine,” because I was TERRIFIED of the thought of a newborn baby. It seemed so far away. There were so many days in between the day she was born and the magic 6 month mark I’d given myself for when I’d feel like I knew I what I was doing.

Here’s a shocking revelation: I literally have no idea what I’m doing. but it is very good.

This month, in addition to finding herself in the midst of a global pandemic (aren’t we all), Madeleine also experienced her first (and hopefully last) tornado right before we left Nashville. It was so terrifying. Luckily she wasn’t freaked out. If Madeleine had been scared, I would have lost my mind. She also caught her first cold right when we got back from Nashville. It’s been a lot.

We’ve been self-isolating for two weeks now, and Madeleine’s been a champ about it. We don’t have a backyard. or much space. but she just loves to play, and I think if it was up to her she’d just play and eat from the minute the sun came up until.. well, actually past the sun went down.

She’s not really rolling, mostly because she just wants to lay on her back and bam her legs. Now when she’s being fed, she’ll reach her hand out and grab your chin or cheek. She’s slept 10-11 hours a few times at night, but never consistently.

Now she’s in size 2 diapers, still sleeps in 3 month pajamas (lol what) and wears 3-6 month clothes, though she’s got plenty of room to grow in them. No teeth, though she’s drooling a lot.

“a-boo” is her favorite sound to make, singing “Uptown Funk” quietly to her when she’s upset literally calms her down 10/10 times, and she loves the bath.


Since we’re self-isolating and all of her grandparents are missing precious moments with her, I decided to start trying to document the weeks and making videos. Here’s the week leading up to her 1/2 birthday (omg what).

and as always, some pictures from the past month of her life. Peep the pictures of her and the twins <3

Madeleine and Miss Kristen.

at a beer coffee place in east Nash

My 3 fave girls, all matching <3

how Madeleine spent most of our flights 🙂

sweetest little sleepy face of all time.


I used to leave her propped up in her Boppy while I quickly went to the bathroom (it’s 4 feet away and the doors are both open). Then I came back to this, and that was the last time I did that, haha.


I love her little sleeping face.

The day Madeleine got sick. At 10:45 am she was just a little stuffy, but still happy. Her mood rapidly declined until she was miserable.

Steamed up the bathroom to try and help her congestion. It was a really rough week as a mom.

Because she had a temp of 101 and was miserable we went into the doctor’s office. As soon as she got in the car, this happened. It went down her arm, UNDER HER BUTT. Poor girl 🙁

So many snuggles for sweet sick Madeleine. No RSV or flu, just a cold they said (this was literally a week before COVID-19 kind of became a huge deal, though we’re in Washington so it was already a deal here). We used a roller of Frankincense, Cardamom & Lime on her chest, back and top of her foot and literally within a day she was back to her normal self, just a stuffy version.

Big fan of toys.  

Silly little side eye.

As if 2020 wasn’t enough of a train wreck we had to suffer through THE WORST season of The Bachelor that has EVER existed. I bought this onesie for nothing.  

Holding her bottle herself.

Picking out her bow 🙂

All toys, all the time.

1st St. Patrick’s Day!


She loves my strings 🙂  

She grabs her toes now and it’s so freaking cute.

Another sleeping picture because look at that face.


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